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Create a financial plan

Your finances in one place

Your plan gives you a single, clear view of your finances.

Not only that, but it links together all the important parts of your financial life; your income, expenditure, savings, investments, pensions, property, insurance and borrowing. This lets you see how a decision you make in one area affects the rest of your finances both now and in the future.  

Your MoneyVista plan contains a chart which shows you what your financial future might look like. The chart has four levels and shows you:-

  • your retirement age and life expectancy
  • your monthly income less tax and National Insurance and how it will change over time
  • how your savings, investments, pensions and property might grow over time
  • your goals, planned actions and events such as your final mortgage payment. You can see what effect your goals, planned actions and events are likely to have on your retirement income and your savings and investments. 

Just click on ‘My financial plan’ on the My MoneyVista tab to access the chart when you’re logged in.

If you have a partner you can also add their information to your plan. By doing this your plan will more accurately reflect your financial situation. For example, in the insurance area you’ll be able to see how your finances would be impacted if one of you were unable to work for a time.

You can read more about how MoneyVista works in our Using MoneyVista guides.

Tailoring your plan

To help you set up your plan quickly, we use a set of assumptions that underpin your plan. For example, we assume a rate of growth for equity investments, savings and property prices, as well as inflation and average earnings. These are all used to update the projections in your plan.

But you can tailor these assumptions to suit you. For example, you may feel that property prices will rise at a slower rate than we’ve assumed. If that’s the case you can change your plan and see the result.

Do bear in mind that we use assumptions based on long-term trends which might look quite different to what’s happening in the economy right now. We recommend that you’re cautious about changing the assumptions in response to current events.

Keeping your plan up to date

You’ll get the most out of your plan if you return and update it from time to time.

We also make sure that everything is up-to-date from our end. For example, things like tax and National Insurance change from time to time. We constantly update MoneyVista to reflect these changes for you in your plan. We also review our set of assumptions on a regular basis and will make changes to them when necessary.

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